Nulled Download Upflix – Video Hosting & Sharing PHP Script

Upflix - Video Hosting & Sharing PHP Script
Upflix – It is a modern platform for sharing video content, analogous to popular video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo. Upflix is one of the best options for creating your own video sharing platform

Upflix – v1.0.3 is released check it here Important before buying! (Please check the requirements below)

Please look for questions here before asking them in the comments.

Why do I need Upflix Script?

If you are looking for a script to create a video hosting platform such as YouTube and Vimeo, then obviously the Upflix nulled script is one of the best options for you. You can learn all additional details on the demo version of this script.

Key Features of Upflix Script

  • Responsive, beautiful and modern design
  • Dark theme system
  • Attractive and powerful admin panel
  • Upload video from your device
  • Import videos from Youtube and Vimeo or URL
  • Notifications system
  • Video (like, dislike, comment) system
  • Comment (like, reply) system
  • Video (sharing & reporting) system
  • Video embed system
  • Videos explore system
  • User channel system
  • User channel dashboard system
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe system
  • Multi language system
  • SEO friendly optimization
  • Google adsense system
  • oAuth login system
  • Watch history system
  • And much more..

What kind of technology used?

Upflix Developed on native php code, without the use of any frameworks, with the exception of auxiliary libraries. As for the client side of the script, the developers used the most popular technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS, and others

Server requirements

  • Apache2 or Nginx HTTP webserver
  • PHP 5.5 or Higher.
  • MySQL server v8.0.x or or Higher
  • MySQLi
  • GD Library
  • MBstring
  • cURL
  • PHP Zip Module

Demo credentials & Admin panel

In order to test all the capabilities of Upflix, you need to register for a demo version of this script. Registration is very simple and won’t take you much time.

After registration, you will get access to the admin panel, however there will be restrictions that will only apply to the demo version

Changelogs v1.0.3 (30 Mar 2021)

– [Fixed] Previously reported bugs

– [Improved] Design

v1.0.2 (18 Jan 2020)

– [Removed] The activation system has been completely removed and is no longer supported

v1.0.1 (7 Dec 2020)

– [Added] SPA loading system (No hard refreshes anyomore)

– [Added] Account confirmation system

– [Added] Google adsense system

– [Added] Video embed system

– [Added] MP4 video import

– [Added] Comment like system

– [Added] Comment reply system

– [Added] Dark theme system

– [Improved] Design

– [Fixed] previous minor bugs

v1.0.0 (1 Sep 2020)

– Version 1.0.0 released on 30 Aug 2020.

Download Upflix Codeycanyon – Video Hosting & Sharing PHP Script Nulled


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