Nulled Download PHP FansOnly Patrons – Paid Content Creators Platform

PHP FansOnly Patrons - Paid Content Creators Platform
Download PHP FansOnly Patrons Nulled – Paid Content Creators Platform

Start your own website like or and grow like mad. It’s like a social network but allows content creators to directly earn MONEY from their FANS for their PREMIUM content.

PHP FansOnly Patrons Description Creators posts content A creator can post two types of contents:

  • Unlocked: available to all free subscribers in their feeds and the public checking out their creator profile.
  • Locked: available to fans ( paid monthly membership subscribers ) or the ones who tip for the post.
  • Content types: text, image, audio, video

And have two income streams

  • Monthly membership fans these users will have access to all their content as long as they’re paying the monthly fee
  • Tips for single posts these users will have access a single locked post on which they need to tip a minimum amount set by creator.

Users can interact with posts

  • They can Love posts like on any social network
  • Leave comments on posts like on OnlyFans and Patreon

Worldwide Payments Coverage
Integrated the three ways to get paid:

  • Stripe for the credit card payments
  • PayPal for everyone
  • Manual where admin can take payments in cash and add plan manually to each user

DM Feature: Messaging made easy
Of course, what would be a social platform without a way to chat? Notifications? We have that too!
An user will be notified on the platform when:

  • They get a new like
  • They get a new paying fan
  • They get a free follower
  • They get a tip from someone
  • They have an invoice processed
  • They have a payment issue
  • They have a comment on a post
  • They’re @mentioned in a post

Admin earns percentage from everything
This is how you will earn as an admin
: You’ll configure a fee which you’ll take on any subscription and tips payments processed. Admin panel demo
User: [email protected]
Pass: adminer
Built for the future
Using the best, future-proof and secure stack known to the world: twitter bootstrap, laravel framework, jQuery AJAX and Laravel Livewire for making everything realtime. PHP FansOnly Patrons Requirements
Regular server with Apache/MySQL and PHP v7.3+. (php-curl, php-gd, php-mysqli, php-fileinfo, php-mbstring extensions required, which 99.99% of hosts already provide) PWA Support (Progress Web App) since PHP FansOnly v1.7 Updates Log [v1.9 – 21st Mar 2021]
– Add more than one image in a post
– Send locked/free images via Messaging System
– Send locked/free video via Messaging System
– Send locked/free audio via Messaging System
– Send locked/free zip via Messaging System
– Youtube style progress loading bar at the top
– Added Emoji Support – now emoji from your phone will show instead of ??? characters
– Revamped messaging system on mobile (full view, users into dropdown as people said it’s difficult to click)
– Fixed issue with report content form
– Fixed issue with scroll not loading more content on android mobile devices
– Fixed issue with verification requests showing people who didn’t apply as creators
– Fixed issue with deleting a content report To upgrade, simply download and check the /upgrader/ folder [v1.8.1 – 17th Feb 2021]
– Amazon AWS S3 Storage
– Option to hide creators from homepage if you enter “0” in admin->configuration
– Option to hide/show earnings simulator (homepage) in admin->configuration
– Subscriptions were not appearing correctly in admin panel section.
– Total Tips in admin dashboard was not appearing correctly.
– Image orientation on large images fix.
– Fix to “allow guests” feature to see browse creators or user profiles pages (it was not allowing if even logged in)
– Fix to content moderation pagination [v1.8 – 29th Jan 2021]
– BackblazeB2 Cloud Storage
– Vultr Cloud Object Storage
– Contact Page with form
– Profile “About Me” Headline is now bigger (switched text input to textarea)
– Configure Homepage Earnings Simulator in Admin->Simulator Config
– Configure if to lock Homepage for guests (admin->configuration)
– Configure if to allow/deny non logged in users to see user profiles (admin->configuration)
– Configure if to allow/deny non logged in users to see browse creators (admin->configuration)
– Admin can now add other users as admins in Admin->Users
– Admin can now add RAW JS including script tags in Admin->Extra CSS/JS (ie. for analytics)
– Store users IP Address
– Ban Users
– New messages count is now live instead of needing page refresh
– TransBank (Chile) gateway – kudos to Daniel for sponsoring this
– Added Hamburger Icon for account navigation on mobile
– Fix: PWA Icon (512×512) was not updating on front-end.
– Fix: Comments notification username was owner instead of commentator (fix starts with new comments).
– Fix: Like notification username was owner instead of liker (fix starts with new likes). [v1.7 – 14th Jan 2021]
– PWA (progressive web application) which can be added to home screen in iOS via Safari and in Android via Google Chrome
– PayStack Payment Gateway
– Make sure to add your app icons into the new section: Admin->PWA Icons
– Preserve new lines when copy/pasting into post content
– Navigation was not showing in “landscape mode” on some mobile screens
– PHP Sessions were moved to database instead of file for better performance and security
– Fixes Homepage Slider Calculator on initial load not making correct calculation
– Admin directly delete self-created, manually added subscription. [v1.6 – 5th Jan 2021]
– ZIP File upload support
– Auto parse url’s into links when posting content
– Auto convert youtube links into embedded code
– If locked post contains media (not only text) it will show the text as a preview.
– Make Monthly fee two decimal places on user profile
– Admin allow / disallow media (audio/video) download (admin->configuration).
– Admin panel dashboard stats now include earnings from tips
– Admin panel tips overview page
– Added a link to “View Frontend” in admin panel [v1.5 – 30th Dec 2020]
– CCBill Payment Gateway
– Toggle on/off option to hide admin profile from browse creators
– Added verified Badge on user profile page
– Show app version in admin panel
– Fix 404 error when manually adding a plan to an user in admin panel
– Fixed an issue with MySQL Host if it was different than default ‘localhost’ [v1.4.1 – 25th Dec 2020]
– Fixed an issue with min tip amount / max tip amount (max was set as min)
– Fixed issue with paypal tip showing multiple times
– Fixed database import foreign key error (affects new/fresh installs only)
– Fixed database hostname when it is not “localhost” (affects new/fresh installs only) [v1.4 – 16th Dec 2020]
– Creators can now see their own locked content
– Privacy Policy link fix in cookie notification
– Homepage earnings simulator mobile fix
– Admin content moderation (videos, images, text, audios)
– Report abuse form (in footer)
– Entry Popup – toggable in admin panel -> entry popup [v1.3 – 9th Dec 2020]
– WASABI Cloud Storage
– DigitalOcean Spaces Storage
– Typo Fix on homepage where it says “Expore” instead of “Explore” creators
– Disable right click on images, videos and audios
– Image resizing on upload rather than on the fly to save storage space costs
– Allows mov/quicktime files (from iPhone) as video uploads [v1.2 – 6th Dec 2020]
– Fixed 404 error when creating / updating / deleting a page in admin->pages cms.
– Fixed issue when creating a page with empty content. [v1.1 – 5th Dec 2020]
– admin can add extra CSS / JS from admin panel to customise how they want without losing changes after updating
– if individual post is locked, it will show the post type icon so the users know what type of post it is.
– creator profile now includes a count of total posts, total images, total audios and videos
– added site title in copyright footer notice [v1.0 – 4th Dec 2020]
v1.0 – Initial Release


Download PHP FansOnly Patrons Nulled


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