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AskIt | PHP Questions/Answers Web Template
iOS, Android and Web versions can share the same Parse database on back4app

1 Oct 2019
• The home screen layout has been updated as per latest design • Added the missing icons – default ones (banners and avatar)
• Improved the color scheme of Application • Improved the design of the Listing screen and the Questions detail page. • Removed the visibility issue from the entire application • Updated the design of Error message display on the application
• Notification/Message is added in case of the Searching item is not available 2 June 2018
• Added ‘strip_tags()’ instance in add-answer.php and add-question.php files for the $text variable, like this: ->set(‘text’, strip_tags($text)); 25 May 2018
• Initial release | HTML/CSS/PHP

Made from iOS and Android apps makers, AskIt is a Web PHP Template where you can post any question and have users answering, as well as posting answers to other people’s questions.
Users can also like questions/answers and search for questions by keywords.

About Parse SDK and back4app

Read this article for more info about back4app and Parse SDK:

Can I host Parse Server on my own server?

Yes, although I don’t provide support for the setup process, you can read the official Guide here:

What about free support for this template?

I can offer free support for bugs encountered in the original code. Instead, if you’ve edited the code and messed something up with it, I may apply some fee to fix it either via TeamViewer or by checking your app project files directly on my computer.

• Fully Responsive
• Works with Parse Server hosted on
• Subit Questions with image attachment and post answers
• Account page with Edit profile and Activity features
• Font Awesome icons
• Flat and modern Design
• Easy to customize
• Based on Bootstrap and jQuery
• HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
• Well commented code

• You own domain and hosting with at least PHP 5.4 (GoDaddy and many other hosting providers have the latest version of PHP installed as default)

Download AskIt | PHP Questions/Answers Web Template [NULLED]


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