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Download AffiliatePRO [nulled]- Affiliate Store CMS with CSV

AffiliatePRO - Affiliate Store CMS with CSV
AffiliatePRO is one of the best affiliate CMS in envato market. Anyone can start his personal affiliate store using this system. If admin wants to make a multivendor affiliate store and invite other affiliate marketers then admin can setup it from admin panel or turn off the feature from admin panel and use this as his personal affiliate store. Everything is dynamic and admin can manage everything without single line of coding knowledge. It has clean code and well documented code for future updates by any laravel developer. This system has subscription system so admin can earn more and more from this website. Anyone can register and purchase a subscription plan to upload affiliate products. It has CSV feature so thousands of product can be added in a very short time.

Admin Features

  • Easy Installation.
  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Clean code to understand and modify
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Multi Currency Support.
  • Unlimited Category Adding System.
  • Unlimited Subcategory Adding System.
  • Unlimited Child Category Adding System.
  • Unlimited Product Adding System.
  • Product Gallery System.
  • Product CSV Upload System.
  • Product Discussion (Reviews, Comments, Reports) System.
  • Customer Management System.
  • Customer Block / Unblock System.
  • Customer Email Sending System.
  • Vendor Management System.
  • Vendor Registration Enable / Disable System.
  • Vendor Approval System.
  • Vendor Decline System.
  • Vendor Delete System.
  • Vendor Email Sending System.
  • Vendor Subscription System.
  • Vendor Verification System.
  • Blog Management System.
  • Customer / Vendor Messaging System.
  • Change Everything such as logo, Site Title, Favicon, loader, Footer, Popup Banner, Error Banner From Admin Panel.
  • Easy Slider Adding System.
  • Easy Slider Content Positioning System.
  • Dynamic Featured Links Management System.
  • Dynamic Featured Banners Management System.
  • Dynamic Service Management System.
  • Dynamic Partners Management System.
  • Built in FAQ and Contact Us page and Dynamic Page management system.
  • Group Email Sending System.
  • Social Link Changing System.
  • Login with Facebook and Google System.
  • Dynamic Staff Mangement System.
  • Dynamic Role Mangement System.
  • Subscribed User Export System.
  • Website Meta Keys Setting System.
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Adding System.
  • Top Referral Websites Checking System.
  • Most Used OS Checking System.
  • and much more…

User Features

  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design for any device.
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • User Registration System.
  • User Login Panel.
  • User Information Change System.
  • User Reset Password System.
  • Browse Product by Category, Sub Category or Child Category.
  • Product Search Option.
  • Easy Review Adding System.
  • Easy Comment Adding System.
  • Easy Report Adding System.
  • Message System with Vendor.
  • Ticket System.
  • Dispute System.
  • Complete Descripton Checking System.
  • Social Sharing System.
  • User Subscription.
  • Purchase Subscription by Paypal, Stripe, Instamojo, Paystack, Mollie Payment, Paytm, Razorpay, and Mercandopago.
  • Minimal but attractive frontend design.
  • Built in FAQ and Contact Us page.
  • and much more…

Vendor Features

  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Vendor Registration System.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Simple but Powerful vendor panel.
  • Vendor Details Update System.
  • Password Change System.
  • Password Recovery System.
  • Unlimited Product Adding System.
  • Product Gallery System.
  • Product Edit, Activate/Deactivat or Remove System.
  • Product CSV Upload System.
  • Dynamic Service Management System.
  • Shop Banner Changing System.
  • Social Link Changing System.
  • and much more…

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Download AffiliatePRO [NULLED]
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